Friday, May 14, 2010

Eden Fantasy Review

My Thoughts

Ooohh Lala! I was very excited when I was contacted by Jenn with Eden Fantasy! Of course I could not say no to review an intimate product with my husband. (Okay so the truth is he was more excited than I was, maybe because I knew that my readers would be reading this)

When the package showed up it was nice and discreet! So discreet that I did not know what the heck I had just got in the mail until I opened it up!

I was able to review the Shunga tenderness and passion collection. I am a sucker for a good back message and so I knew that this would be a perfect fit for me! I was also very impressed. Normally the message oil is sticky and I don’t like that. This oil was not. It really did heat up quite a bit when you blew on it. It was pleasant to say the least! (wink, wink) The Strawberries-Champagne Aphrodisiac Oil was also nice. As soon as I opened the box I could smell the sweetness of Strawberry Champagne. It also tasted wonderful and did not have the funky after taste of most lick-able products! It as well was not sticky which really surprised me. I thought if anything this would for sure be sticky! This kit also contained Sweet snow edible powder that is the same flavor as the message oil and Aphrodisiac oil. It tasted kind of like smarties candy to me. But I enjoyed it!


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